Daily Rush

Daily Rush

How do I play Daily Rush?

Complete Daily Challenges to win Exciting Prizes, Rush Medals or Crowns.

You will have a Daily set of missions (usually between 4 and 7 missions) which you can complete in order to get prizes.

New missions will appear Daily at 10 am GMT.


How to progress?

Daily Rush 1

Completing missions you will get Rush Medals.

Daily Rush 2

By Collecting medals you will progress on the “Weekly Bar”.

Fill the bar with 1,000 medals to get the last reward.

Daily Rush 3

Tip: Tap the Weekly Bar to expend and better see your progress.

Tip 2: Unlock Premium Rewards with Crystal Pass.

Daily Rush 4

How much Time do I have to complete the Weekly Rush?

Each Tuesday at 10:00 AM GMT a New Weekly Rush starts so

you can complete another Weekly Rush to get more Rewards.

Daily Rush 5

What is Seasons Rush and where to find it?

Seasons Rush gives you a whole month to add more fun and prizes on top of the Daily Rush.

In order to unlock the Seasons Rush missions, all you have to do is finish the Daily Rush.

You can access the Seasons Rush and check on your progress by tapping on the arrow widget in the bottom left part of the Daily Rush.

Rank Up to win Prizes along the way and reach the final Rank to become a LEGEND!

Daily Rush 6

How do I Rank up?

Collect Crowns by completing Rush missions in order to fill the progress bar in time.

Daily Rush 7

What is a Save Point?

If you didn’t make it to the next Rank in time, save points help keep your progress safe and you can start from the last reached Save Point.

Daily Rush 8

Daily Rush 9