Star Quest

Daily Quests

Daily Quests are a new type of challenge! Each day you will receive 3 quests. You must finish the first quest in order to unlock the next one, until all 3 quests are completed. The quests range from playing Cash Games, to winning chips at the Slot Machine, to competing in tournaments (& much more!). Every completed quest will win you an exciting reward.

Star Quest

You can check your Daily Quests on the left side of the Lobby (MY QUESTS) or whenever you play at the tables by pressing the WSOP STAR QUEST button next to the chat & FOLD button.

Special active effects (such as momentum, turbo time, BP and much more) as well as followers (a new type of prize) will be rewarded for every Daily Quest completed.

Star Quest 1

Weekly Quest          

The Weekly Quest is a challenge that is completed by gaining followers from your Daily Quests. The Weekly Quest starts on Monday and you’ll have 7 days to finish it. You’ll collect amazing prizes as you progress and hit milestones! The most exciting part? You’ll receive a huge reward once it’s completed!

Star Quest 2