Golden Card Jackpot

Golden Card Jackpot

The Golden Card Jackpot is a new version of the already-existing Golden Card.

Now when you win with the Golden Card, you get a variable chips bonus depending on your Club and the table stakes.

The chip bonus will be added to your inbox as soon as you win your hand!

The Chip Bonus amount you can receive is random, within a certain range that is dependent on your Club and the stakes of the table.


What happens when I hit the Golden Card Jackpot?.

The chip bonus amounts won are random, within a specific range defined by your Club and the stakes of the table.

If you happen to win the MAX VALUE chip bonus possible, you hit the Golden Card Jackpot!.

This means that not only will you receive your MAX VALUE chip bonus.


But all active players around the table will also receive a smaller chip bonus to celebrate your massive Jackpot win!

But don’t worry, the community chip bonuses are not taken out of your Jackpot amount, they are on the house.

Golden Card Jackpot 1

Make sure you are playing on a table that is eligible for the Golden Card Jackpot.

You can find this information on the table selection window when buying into a cash table.

If you are ineligible, you will still see the Golden Card being dealt, but you will not be given a chip bonus even if the Golden Card is part of your winning hand.

Keep in mind that the Golden Card must be part of the 5 cards that form the winning hand, otherwise it will not be eligible for the chip bonus or Jackpot.


Special Cases:

During a Split Pot, any eligible player who won using the Golden Card will receive the instant chip bonus. If the chip bonus happens to be the MAX VALUE Jackpot, both players will receive the Jackpot. However, there will be only one round of community bonuses.

If all other players fold while there is a Golden Card on the table, the remaining player (if they are eligible for the Golden Card) will win the Chip Bonus, regardless of whether their hand would have used it or not.

When you win with the Golden Card, you now get an instant Chip Bonus. The Chip Bonus amount is dependent on your Club multiplier and the stakes of the table. If you have a high club multiplier but are playing on a low-stakes table (eligible for the Golden Card) your bonus will cap according to the table stakes.

The Jackpot amount is the MAX VALUE chip bonus possible and is also dependent on your Club multiplier as well as the stakes of the table. Therefore, one player at a table can win a Jackpot with a higher amount than another if they have a higher Club multiplier.