Daily Blitz

Daily Blitz

Daily Blitz is a new mini-game designed to test your poker skills and give you a daily shot at the Jackpot.

Get your daily shot at the Jackpot by playing every day and picking all the winning hands before the timer runs out.

During each round, you will be presented with a 5-card flop as well as two possible hands, and it’s up to you to pick the winning hand to win the round and move on to the next hand. If you manage to pick all the winning hands before the overall timer runs out, you win the Jackpot!

The goal is to come back and play every day to get more time, or maintain your max time, for an even greater daily shot at the Jackpot!

What happens if I pick the wrong hand? Picking the wrong hand will result in an instant game over but don’t worry, you will still be awarded the amount of chips earned up until that hand and you can always try again the next day with more seconds on the timer.

What happens if I forget to play for one day? The timer will automatically reset if you miss a day, but you can still start over and play again to win chips and earn more time! Every new day begins at 10AM GMT.

How many chips do I win each round? The amount of chips you win as well as the final Jackpot amount depend on your Club or Rank Status. The higher your Club or Rank, the more chips you win and the bigger the Jackpot!

The mini-game will appear at the bottom of the Lobby screen on both web and mobile, once you’ve collected your Free Chips or Mega Bonus.