Look for Coupons in the inbox tab and use them in the store to get a boost in Chips with your purchase.

When Coupons are available, Inbox icon will display this information.


In the Coupons tab, you will see all the available Coupons you have.

Each Coupon will show you the sale percentage and number of maximum uses.

Make sure to check the expiry timer as well and redeem them before they disappear

Coupons 1

Coupons 2

To redeem Coupons, simply click the REDEEM button and you’ll be redirected to the Store, sale will be applied to the selected packages

If you exit the Chips Store without using the Coupon, don’t worry as the Coupon will be sent back to your inbox and you can use it at a later time.

Coupons will be applied on top of existing sales in the Chips Store, however, Coupons cannot stack with other Coupons.

Coupons 3