Betting Bar

Our betting Bar has been improved to give you more control of your bets.

The new and refined raise bar gives you a faster and more precise way to make your bets.

You can either tap or slide the meter, or use the pre-set bet buttons for faster play.

Betting Bar

Pre-raise bet buttons:

Use the pre-raise bet buttons to bet 5X or 10X the big blind. Just tap on the plus or minus sign to choose your bet amount.

Note that above the buttons it tells you how much the big blind is to take the guess work out for you.

Re-raise bet buttons:

When an opponent raises, you can re-raise them using the ‘Pot’ and ‘Half Pot’ pre-set buttons.

Make a quick bet by just tapping on the raise option you want.

Raise Bar:

Want to select your own bet amount? No problem!

Use the the enhanced and upgraded raise bar to select your desired bet amount by tapping or sliding anywhere on the meter.

*Introduced in game version 2.12.1. Mobile only.