Beat the House

Beat the House

Beat the House: Caribbean Hold’Em is a new game mode based on the popular Caribbean Hold’Em Poker game where players can play directly against the dealer. Set in a warm and vibrant Caribbean setting, the new game mode offers a faster gameplay, huge payouts, and Bella our brand new dealer!

Before the game begins:

Can I choose my ante? Yes, before you begin a game, you will have the chance to select your ante and buy-in.

However, the ante and buy-in options are predetermined based on your club. The higher your Club, the higher the ante.

Beat the House 1


1. Ante Phase

At the start of the hand, before any cards are dealt, the pre-determined ante will be moved from your stack of chips to the table. Then the dealer will distribute the hole cards and reveal the flop.

2. Call Phase

After the flop is dealt, it’s up to you to either call or fold. If you choose to call, the dealer will reveal both the turn and river cards. The call bet is always double the current ante.

3. Qualification Phase

Before the showdown, the dealer will reveal their hand. In order to qualify, they must have a pair of 4s or better. If the dealer fails to qualify, your ante and call bets are pushed and the current hand ends without a showdown.

4. Showdown Phase

If the dealer qualifies, it’s time for the showdown! If you win against the dealer, your call bet is paid out 1:1 and your ante is paid out according to the strength of your hand. Check the Pay Table to see how much your hand will pay out.

Beat the House 2

How do the betting rounds work? Betting rounds in Caribbean Hold’Em are faster than in other poker game modes because everyone bets at the same time. No more waiting around for every player to place their bets!

How do ante payouts work? If you win against the dealer, your ante will be paid out according to the strength of your hand. Check the Pay Table screen to see how much your hand is worth. The call bet always pays 1:1 on winning hands.

Beat the House 3