Auto Spin

How do I enable/disable Auto Spin?

On mobile, you now have the option to Auto Spin by holding down the SPIN button for a few seconds.

Auto Spin activated message will be displayed once it’s ON:

Auto Spin

If you are playing on a computer, you can enable the Auto Spin feature by enabling the option in the right side:

Auto Spin 1

When ON, AUTO SPIN will remain active, even when the Slot Machine is in the background, until you press STOP.

You will see notifications next to Slot Machine icon, Lobby or at the table, whenever you win on the Slot Machine, Chips are added to your total bankroll.

If the app is in the background (i.e. – on mobile device, the game was minimized) or closed, the Auto Spin will pause.

The AUTO SPIN option is available once you use all your free spins.