Sloto Clans

  • What are Sloto Clans?

Clans are a fun way to get more out of your game together with other players!

Simply join a CLAN to get more freebies from your Clan’s members achievements and participate in unique challenges.

  • How does Sloto Clans work?

Win as many Clan points as possible during the week, reach your weekly goal together with your fellow players to unlock your personal Chest reward. 🙂


  • How do I join a clan?

Sloto Clans

Hit the Sloto Clans icon in the lobby and click on Find Clan button.

You can search a specific Clan by name and tag or scroll through the suggested Clans to join the one that suits you best.

You can also create a Clan to invite other players to join your adventure.

Keep in mind that you can only join a Clan if you are not currently a member of any other Clan.


  • Is there any difference in Sloto Clans?

There are two types of Clans: Private and Public, every clan will have a minimum status requirement.

  • Private Clans are Clans you can join by the Clan’s leader approval only.
  • The Clan leader can determine a minimum Status that can join this specific Clan.
  • For example: a clan for Diamonds and above – Platinum players will not be able to join in this case .
    Public Clans are Clans you can join instantly without the Clan’s leader approval.
  • The Clan Leader can pre-determine a minimum Status to join this Clan as well.


  • Can I leave a Clan?

You can leave a Clan whenever you want by clicking on the “More info” button next to the Clan name in the Clan lobby.

A drop-down menu will open and on the bottom of it, just click on the “LEAVE CLAN” button. Leaving a Sloto Clan will reset your progress for that week.

Sloto Clans 1

  • What about being removed from a Sloto clan?

You can be removed at any time by the Clan Leader, so try to be nice to them.

  • How do I create a Clan?

Sloto Clans 2

To create a Clan make sure you are not already a part of a Clan. If you are not in a Clan, click on the Sloto Clans icon in the game lobby.

Choose “Create Clan” on the left.

Choose a name for you Clan. Make sure it’s not more than 15 characters and in English only.

Write a description for your clan – this will help other players understand the spirit of your Clan and will help you attract more players!

Choose a logo that you feel will represent your Clan’s spirit in the best way possible!

Clan Type – Define if your Clan will be Private or Public using the toggle.

Define a Minimum Status to join your Clan. If you want ALL Statuses to join, set the minimum status to Bronze.

Overview lets you take a final look at your Clan before its creation. Make sure you love it!

Click on “CREATE CLAN” and start recruiting new members!

Remember you can always later edit your clan by clicking on the “more info” button mentioned previously.

Sloto Clans 2

  • How many people can I add in a Sloto Clan?

Clans are limited to 10 players.

  • How are Clan points earned?

You can earn Clan points with each Daily Dash and while spinning – bet higher in order to increase your chances of winning Clan Points .

  • What are the benefits of joining a Sloto Clan?

You can collect bonuses from your Clan members.

Each time a Clan member wins a Jackpot or completes a Sloto Cards set, or when your clan members win a Silver or Gold medal, all members are awarded with a coin gift. The coin gift will expire in 24 hours so make sure to collect it from the chat section , keep in touch with your fellow members and thank them for any achievement.

Regarding the jackpot wins keep in mind that the cashlink jackpot wins will not count towards a bonus reward inside the clan.

The cash-link machines are:

– Vegas Cash

– Eastern Cash

– Pharaoh’s Cash

– Chili Cash

– Mars Cash

– Apollo Cash

Share your experiences but make sure to not share any personal information on chat, and be respectful with the other members at all times.

  • How do we get rewards?

You will get weekly rewards by joining forces with fellow members. By achieving Clan points, you will be able to open a chest per week, which will give you a coin prize and much more depending on the chest level you are able to get that week. There are 5 chest levels, the higher the level the better the rewards.

Keep in mind you need to obtain the key for the chest during a week with your fellow members to actually get your personal chest reward.

Sloto Clans 4

You can always check on your clan progress by using the widget from the machine too :

Sloto Clans 5


  • How do I ask for a card ?

Enter the album and tap ASK YOUR CLAN to ask for a card you’re missing, you can only ask for Cards from the current Album.
Your request will appear on the clan’s chat and stay there for 24 hours
You can ask for one card every 24 hours.


  • How do I help a friend ?

Once you see a request in your clan chat, send the card to your friend by tapping HELP OUT.
You can help only if you have a duplicated card (you can see an indication how many duplicates you have on the request)
You will receive 15 Clan Points for sending a card.

Make sure to update your game to the latest version and enjoy !