Holey Moley

  • Why can’t I use my Extra Tickets after buying them?

To use Extra Tickets you must first fill up the meter to unlock the subway trains.

The Extra Tickets let you choose more doors to unlock after filling up the meter once, until you find a door with a prize.

Once you collect the prize, you must fill up the meter again to choose more doors and find the mole.

  • What prizes are behind the doors?

The doors can hide the following:

  • The sign with “”the mole was here”” -> the mole has stolen the prize that was there
  • Lucy -> you get a coin gift that increases the reward of the next Golden Cabin
  • Cards
  • Coin gift to be collected on the spot
  • The Mole -> you go to the next Cabin


  • What is the Golden Cabin?

When you reach the Golden Cabin, you get a coin prize on the spot without having to open any doors.

  • I reached the Golden Cabin and it didn’t let me choose any doors, what happened?

The Golden Cabin gives you an instant prize just for reaching it and you have to fill up the meter again to choose a door.

If you have Extra Tickets, you will be able to do so without filling the meter again.