What is the Chase and how can I participate?

The Chase is a seasonal promotion during which you can win amazing prizes.

It will feature a trail with rewards being awarded for reaching various milestones.

You can progress on the trail by collecting special chase items.


How do I collect the chase items?

The chase items can be collected by taking various actions within the game (e.g. completing dashes).

The requirements may change from one chase to another, or while the chase is ongoing so make sure to click the “Get New (item)” button in the trail screen to find out more and to get additional information:


Inner Circle players may have more triggers, bigger rewards or special milestones when playing on the Inner Circle.


What is “Eyez on the Prize”?

“Eyez on the Prize” is a surprise mini-game awarded for reaching selected milestones.

At the starts of the mini-game, you’ll will see a variety of prizes lighting up randomly.

Press the STOP button to try and make it stop on a prize you desired.

Be quick! If you won’t press STOP on time, a random prize will be chosen for you.

What is “Chase+”?

Chase Plus will give you access to exclusive rewards.

These will be added as extra milestones on the chase trail, making it even more exciting!

Chase Plus can be purchased by pressing the “Chase+” in the trail screen.

Chase 1

What happens if the Chase ended and I didn’t collect my rewards?

 If you didn’t collect the rewards until the end of the chase, don’t worry, we have your back!

The rewards will be waiting in the Gift Section for you to collect.