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pet master logoPet Master is a popular mobile game that allows players to collect and care for various virtual pets. Like the popular game Coin Master, Pet Master offers players the chance to spin a virtual slot machine and win in-game rewards. However, while Coin Master primarily focuses on building and defending a virtual village, Pet Master emphasizes collecting and caring for virtual pets.

In Pet Master, players can collect and care for a wide variety of pets, each with unique abilities and characteristics. Players can progress through various levels as they play the game, unlock new pets and items, and participate in various tasks and challenges. Pet Master also offers a virtual village feature where players can visit shops, play at the park, or groom their pets at the salon.

Pet Master is a virtual pet simulation game that allows players to care for and nurture various animals. Players can choose from various pets in the game, including dogs, cats, horses, and more. Each pet has unique characteristics and needs, and it is up to the player to ensure that their pet is well taken care of.

Players can feed, groom, and play with their pets to keep them happy and healthy. They can also decorate their pets’ homes and take them for walks in the park. As players levels up through the game, they can unlock new pets and items to use with their pets.

In addition to caring for their pets, players can also participate in various mini-games and activities. These include playing fetch with their dog, racing their horse, or participating in cat agility trials.

How to Collect Pet Master Unlimited Free Spins Link

pet master free spins

Are you looking for pet master unlimited free spins? You have come to the right place because I will teach you how to get free spins daily. 

In Pet Master, players can collect daily free spins as part of a daily login bonus as part of the promotion. You should always log in and play the game to receive daily free spins. 

And then, look for notifications or messages about free spins or login bonuses. These notifications are displayed on the main menu screen in a special game section.

It’s important to keep an eye out for events and challenges. These events are often the best way to get a lot of free spins, so try to participate as much as possible.

Here are a few different ways to earn unlimited free spins in Pet Master:

  • Facebook Official Page: They will post daily spin links for free. Just make sure you like and follow their official Facebook page.
  • Invite Facebook Friends: This will get you free spins as a bonus for inviting your friends to play the pet master game.
  • Daily Roll Dice: This will get you a free spin daily as you roll the dice.
  • Special Box: You need to participate in events and promotions for this. Once you have this, you can collect free spins as a reward.
  • Album Cards: You can get free spins by completing album sets.
  • Contest: You can join the pet master contest and raffles from their social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Village: You need to complete the game and be rewarded with spins.
  • Challenges: You need to win from slot machines or raid attacks.
  • Events: You can collect spins from chests package offers and play daily events.

The last way to get unlimited free spins is to purchase them. You can purchase free spins with real money in the game, and if you have the budget, this can be an easy way to get a lot of free spins quickly. 

Players should be aware that this option is usually more expensive than earning free spins through gameplay.

And if you keep playing the game and participating in these events, you can accumulate a lot of free spins over time.

It is always a good habit to check the daily game’s menus and messages to see what rewards and promotions are currently available.

How to Collect Daily Dice Links and Spin Gifts

Pet Master Dice is a special feature in the Pet Master game that allows players to roll virtual dice and earn in-game rewards. Players can earn coins, spin gifts, or other valuable items by rolling the dice.

Here’s the 6 step by step guide on how to collect daily dice links :

  • Six Free Dice daily : Pet Master provides 6 free dice daily for rolling. These bonuses are automatically distributed to the user’s game account. It means there is one free die every four hours. Overall, roll 6 dice in a day.

  • Spinning Wheel : When three dice appear in the Pet Master spin machine, players are given dice for the game. In this case, the number of dice wins can vary based on the spin bet.

  • Dice Board Game : One of the bonuses is a free dice on the Pet Master mini-board game grid. If a raccoon stops on that tile, the user will get a dice gift (1,2 or more dice).

  • Completing Village: Users in Pet Master receive rewards after finishing a village level. You can get 1 dice for the game may be included in these prize packages. 

  • Package Promotion : Promotional Packages include both free and paid items in the Pet Master. These advertising items are displayed on the pop-up window. A “FREE” button with free package contents is displayed in the game, and a “COST” button with pricey package items. By selecting the “FREE” button, users can get dice items if there is a promotion.

  • Purchasing In-game Currency : Another way to earn Pet Master Dice is to purchase them from the official game. Pet Master offers a variety of different dice sets that you can buy. 

By following these strategies, you can get daily dice and have more opportunities to roll the dice and earn in-game rewards. It is always a good habit to check the game’s menus and messages to see what rewards and promotions are currently available, as this can help you to find new ways to collect daily dice.

How to Download The Game on All Devices

Here is a step-by-step guide for downloading Pet Master on different devices:

For Android devices:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your device.
  2. Search for “Pet Master” using the search bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the official Pet Master app from the search results.
  4. Tap the “Install” button to begin the download and installation process.
  5. Wait for the download and installation to complete.
  6. Once the process is finished, the Pet Master app will be available on your device’s home screen or app drawer.

For iOS devices:

  1. Open the App Store app on your device.
  2. Search for “Pet Master” using the search bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the official Pet Master app from the search results.
  4. Tap the “Get” button to begin the download and installation process.
  5. Wait for the download and installation to complete.
  6. Once the process is finished, the Pet Master app will be available on your device’s home screen.

For PC:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the official Pet Master website.
  2. Click the “Download” button to download the Pet Master installation file.
  3. Once the download is complete, double-click the installation file to begin the installation process.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  5. Once the process is finished, Pet Master will be installed on your PC, and you can launch the game from the Start menu.

Be Careful of Cheat Codes and Generator Hack

It is important to be careful when using cheat codes and generator hacks in Pet Master, as they can often have negative consequences. These methods of accessing unauthorized in-game resources are often against the game’s terms of service, and using them can lead to account bans or other consequences.

One example of the potential consequences of using cheat codes or generator hacks in Pet Master is the risk of losing your game progress. Many games store progress on servers and using cheat codes, or generator hacks can cause your progress to be reset or erased. It means you may lose all of the time and effort you have put into the game, including any pets, items, or resources you have acquired.

It is always a good idea to play Pet Master fairly and respect the game’s terms of service. Instead of relying on cheat codes or generator hacks, try to earn in-game resources and rewards through legitimate gameplay. It can be more rewarding and help you fully enjoy the game experience.

Be Careful of Pet Master Pro Mod APK

It is generally not recommended to download modded or hacked versions of games, as they can often harm your device and lead to account bans or other consequences, instead of downloading modded versions of Pet Master, playing the official version of the game is recommended as it is intended to be played.

If you still wish to download a modded version of Pet Master, it is important to be cautious and to only download from reputable sources. Many websites claim to offer modded versions of games, but many of these websites need to be more trustworthy and can contain viruses or other harmful software.

One potential benefit of using a modded version of Pet Master is that it may allow you to access unauthorized in-game resources or features.

However, this benefit comes with significant risks. Using modded versions of games is often against the game’s terms of service, and it can lead to account bans or other consequences. In addition, modded versions of games can be unstable and may cause the game to crash or function improperly.

Overall, it is generally safer and more enjoyable to play the official version of Pet Master as it is intended to be played. If you decide to download a modded version of the game, be aware of the risks and only download from reputable sources.

How much does the Pet Master Village Cost

In Pet Master, the village is the main gameplay area where you can earn coins, spin the slot machine, and progress through the game.

Each village has a different theme and corresponding set of pets you can collect. As you level up through the game, you will unlock new villages, each with increasing coin requirements to unlock and play.

The cost of each village is the number of coins required to unlock it and progress to the next village.

Collecting coins and spinning the slot machine in each village will help you earn the necessary coins to unlock the next village.

From the Camping Moose village, where you can collect cuddly moose pets as you spin the reels, to the Lion Tribe village, where you’ll find fierce feline companions, each village has its unique theme and set of pets to collect.

With over 100 villages to explore, Pet Master offers endless adventure and excitement as you collect and level up your pets.

Here is a list of all the Pet Master Villages and their respective costs:

  • 1 Camping Moose 1.2 Million
  • 2 Pig Farmers 2.6 Million
  • 3 Chimp revolution 4.2 Million
  • 4 Mountain Goat Climbers 16.4 Million
  • 5 Mouseketeers 20.5 Million
  • 6 Hippo Beach 21.6 Million
  • 7 Walrus Pirates 25.7 Million
  • 8 Cleocatra 32.1 Million
  • 9 Beaver Bob 38.7 Million
  • 10 Poodle Cuts 43.4 Million
  • 11 Frog Samurai 44.7 Million
  • 12 Top Dog 46.6 Million
  • 13 Caesar Penguins 51.2 Million
  • 14 Turtles Athletics 53.2 Million
  • 15 Skunk Punk 58.3 Million
  • 16 Saiga Sci Fi 60.9 Million
  • 17 Armadillo Aztec Shaman 64.6 Million
  • 18 The Raccoon Job 69.3 Million
  • 19 Fenech Planes 73.7 Million
  • 20 Mole Library 76.5 Million
  • 21 Kangaroo Car Mechanic 81.7 Million
  • 22 Hystrix Tattoo Artist 87.3 Million
  • 23 Nomad Camels 94.6 Million
  • 24 Hyena Comedy Club 101.0 Million
  • 25 Chameleon Painter 107.2 Million
  • 26 Bats Night Club 112.5 Million
  • 27 Game of Horns 118.9 Million
  • 28 Elephant China 128.1 Million
  • 29 Hogfather 137.8 Million
  • 30 Croc Auto 147.5 Million
  • 31 Wolf Detective 160.8 Million
  • 32 Capybara Psychiatrist 172.4 Million
  • 33 Gorilla Greenhouse 183.2 Million
  • 34 Lizard Route 66 192.2 Million
  • 35 Voodoo Possum 200.8 Million
  • 36 Sci Fi Anteater 210.7 Million
  • 37 Iguana Tanning Salon 224.1 Million
  • 38 Mystic Owl 237.4 Million
  • 39 Tapir Fallout 253.1 Million
  • 40 Panther Boxer 269.2 Million
  • 41 Bear in the Hood 282.6 Million
  • 42 Meerkat Ufologist 298.8 Million
  • 43 Bull Country 320.9 Million
  • 44 Koala Bikers 339.6 Million
  • 45 Otter School 356.3 Million
  • 46 Fox Dual 378.6 Million
  • 47 Komodo Karate 405.1 Million
  • 48 Navy Seals 428.4 Million
  • 49 Buffalo Tribe 459.1 Million
  • 50 Polar Bear Santa 493.7 Million
  • 51 Space Sheep 522.8 Million
  • 52 Rabbit Hole 548.8 Million
  • 53 Sloth Pizzeria 580.6 Million
  • 54 Tennis Platypus 616.2 Million
  • 55 Ponycult 654.5 Million
  • 56 Gopher Archaeologist 692.9 Million
  • 57 Dodo Research 734.3 Million
  • 58 Donkey Market 777.8 Million
  • 59 Blacksmith Pangolin 817.7 Million
  • 60 sabertooth Caveman 866.7 Million
  • 61 Monkey Spa 921.0 Million
  • 62 Loris Clock Maker 1.04 Billion
  • 63 Hamster Minigolf 1.07 Billion
  • 64 Panda Gym 1.12 Billion
  • 65 Dalai Lama 1.19 Billion
  • 66 Zebra Fashion 1.25 Billion
  • 67 Squirrel Scout 1.31 Billion
  • 68 Gecko Alchemist 1.37 Billion
  • 69 Tamarin Bankers 1.45 Billion
  • 70 Octopus Chef 1.52 Billion
  • 71 Gold Diggers 1.58 Billion
  • 72 Duckbill Rockability 1.67 Billion
  • 73 Elk Druid 1.69 Billion
  • 74 Weasel Pawn Shop 1.77 Billion
  • 75 Scottish Strong Bull 1.89 Billion
  • 76 Toad Opera 1.97 Billion
  • 77 Flamingo Beach Bar 2.07 Billion
  • 78 Dalmation Mimes 2.17 Billion
  • 79 Gangsta Rats 2.31 Billion
  • 80 Firehorse Department 2.41 Billion
  • 81 Turkey Thanksgiving 2.56 Billion
  • 82 Skydiver Squirrels 2.67 Billion
  • 83 Fat Cat Ninja 2.73 Billion
  • 84 Hedgehog Gardener 2.9 Billion
  • 85 Ostrich Tribe 3.11 Billion
  • 86 Tiger Scroll 3.28 Billion
  • 87 Viking Boars 3.5 Billion
  • 88 Dr Chickenstein 3.7 Billion
  • 89 Painter Rabbit 3.99 Billion
  • 90 Lion Excalibur 4.2 Billion
  • 91 Hamster Robot 4.31 Billion
  • 92 Tiger Circus 4.5 Billion
  • 93 Native Eagles 4.66 Billion
  • 94 Hound Hoops 4.85 Billion
  • 95 Space Apes 4.94 Billion
  • 96 Tomcat Captain 5.13 Billion
  • 97 Bison Potter 5.37 Billion
  • 98 Civet Coffee 5.53 Billion
  • 99 Chihuahua Max 5.84 Billion
  • 100 Flexing Felines 6.22 Billion
  • 101 Chill Cows 6.57 Billion
  • 102 Farm City 7.08 Billion
  • 103 Veggie Dogs 7.49 Billion
  • 104 Pelican Gondolier 7.83 Billion
  • 105 Tailored Croc 8.35 Billion
  • 106 Medieval Ferrets 8.56 Billion
  • 107 Gecko Carwash 9.05 Billion
  • 108 Hacking Owls 9.73 Billion
  • 109 Rhino Site 10.29 Billion
  • 110 Corgi Crooks 10.96 Billion
  • 111 Gazelle Race 11.59 Billion
  • 112 Walrus Office 12.44 Billion
  • 113 Hip Hippos 13.18 Billion
  • 114 Hot Tub Goats 13.76 Billion
  • 115 Chef Frogs 14.7 Billion
  • 116 Prison Pigs 15.07 Billion
  • 117 Foxy Coast 15.89 Billion
  • 118 Polar Bear Dessert 17.09 Billion
  • 119 Witch Crows 18.09 Billion
  • 120 Tourist Iguana 19.3 Billion
  • 121 Homebound Hound 20.36 Billion
  • 122 Gnu Pool 21.92 Billion
  • 123 Snake Sculpting 23.17 Billion
  • 124 Dragon Treasures 24.19 Billion
  • 125 Married Moose 25.84 Billion
  • 126 Hippo Restaurant 26.74 Billion
  • 127 Mongoose Motorist 28.33 Billion
  • 128 Chess Championsheep 30.43 Billion
  • 129 Brainy Baboons 32.16 Billion
  • 130 Count Catula 33.72 Billion
  • 131 Hot Chocolate Moose 35.23 Billion
  • 132 Pantheon Panther 37.46 Billion
  • 133 Central Pet Park 39.19 Billion
  • 134 Off-Road Oryx 40.56 Billion
  • 135 Pampered Porcupine 42.83 Billion
  • 136 Koala Gladiator 43.42 Billion
  • 137 Maze Daze 45.32 Billion
  • 138 Zen Trek 48.32 Billion
  • 139 Ladies Luncheon 50.63 Billion
  • 140 Downward Sheep 53.47 Billion
  • 141 Pitbull Packers 56.25 Billion
  • 142 Football Jungle 60.5 Billion
  • 143 Kangaroo Outback 63.97 Billion
  • 144 Mouse Squad 66.94 Billion
  • 145 Squirrel Sleepover 69.62 Billion
  • 146 Porcelain Store 73.94 Billion
  • 147 Cyclops Eyeland 77.61 Billion
  • 148 Alpine Station 80.59 Billion
  • 149 Skating Swines 83.08 Billion
    150 Bumble Bears 87.29 Billion

Pet Master is a fun and engaging game that allows players to experience the joys of pet ownership without the responsibility of actually owning a real pet. It is suitable for players of all ages and is available on various platforms.

Whether you are a fan of Coin Master or are new to this type of game, Pet Master offers a fun and engaging gameplay experience that is sure to be enjoyed by players of all ages