Free Coins

Where can I earn Free Coins from?

You can collect free coins from the following:

  • Slotomania’s Fan Page on Facebook
  • The ‘Slotomania Super Group’ on Facebook
  • Slotomania’s Instagram page
  • Email Gifts
  • Gifts from friends

Free Coins

What is Slotomania’s Fan Page?

The Slotomania Fan Page is our official Facebook page where you can collect free daily gifts and receive real time updates about the game.

It includes information about daily promotions, features and new game releases.

Check it out by following the link Here: Slotomania Facebook


What is ‘Slotomania Super Group’?

The Slotomania Super Group is a community operated by fans of the game on Facebook.

It is for all players to share gifts, tips and experiences and it is a great place to make friends who share the same interest!

Sometimes, the Slotomania SuperGroup admins organize challenge threads for the players to enjoy extra freebies.

After the challenge ends, the admins will make a list with the winners and send it to us to send the rewards. Sounds fantastic right?

Follow this link to join: Facebook Group



What is Slotomania’s Instagram page?

This is Slotomania’s Instagram page where you can collect free coins from our bio on a daily basis and receive updates about the game.

Check it out by following the link: Instagram Page

Problems collecting? Please long-press on the link, then copy and paste it into your browser.

What are email gifts?

Email gifts are another way for you to get free coins. We send daily emails to our player that subscribed to it.

If you have not subscribed yet, contact Customer Support for more details.



Why should I connect with Facebook?

We highly recommend that you connect to Slotomania via your Facebook account. This will help you save your progress if you play on multiple devices.

Should you ever have issues or replace your mobile device, you will not be able to retrieve your previous account information, unless you are connected to Facebook, Apple ID or with an email address.

In addition, it allows you to send/receive gifts from friends, compete in tournaments, post your progress to your timeline and having in-game friends offers you more on your bonuses.



Can I transfer Coins to a friend?

You cannot send another player Coins from your balance.

You can help your friends with coin gifts in various ways, such as:

  • Sharing your wins on your Facebook page – A link will be posted on your Facebook feed from which your friends can collect free Coins (only if you are logged into the game with Facebook)
  • Winning a Jackpot or completing an Album Set will award your Clan members a Coin bonus
  • sending Mystery Gifts and Free coins from the Gift Box (only if you are logged into the game with Facebook)