Pearl’s Peril Free Energy and Tickets

Collect 10 Daily Pearl’s Peril Free Energy and Tickets

Pearl's PerilPearl’s Peril is unlike any other hidden object game! Return to the passionate and scandalous 1930s with our trailblazing heroine, Pearl Wallace, an ace pilot and global adventurer. Pearl’s Peril is the mystery you’ve been waiting for if you enjoy hidden object games. Explore hundreds of gorgeous hand-drawn scenery and exotic destinations alongside pioneering 1930s heroine Pearl. 

Meet new people and put your talents to the test against a global community of Pearl’s Peril Adventurers. Calling all Hidden Object Game enthusiasts! Play Pearl’s Peril, a breathtaking Hidden Object Adventure Game set in the golden age of intrigue and adventure!

Join heiress and ace pilot Pearl Wallace on a round-the-world search for answers as she unravels the mystery of her father’s apparent death. Follow Pearl as she attempts to uncover the true killer and expose their evil schemes from New York City to the heart of Africa! There are hundreds of lovely scenery in this Hidden Object Mystery that rival Pearl’s breathtaking hand-drawn scenes.

From the streets of 1920s New York to Paris, Polynesia, and beyond, an exotic world of beauty, intrigue, adventure, and romance is magnificently brought to life. Pearl’s danger is increasing! Play Iris’s Eyes to match things to their outlines and unlock special island décor!

How to Collect Pearl’s Peril Free Energy and Tickets

Here’s the step-by-step video on how to claim your Pearl’s Peril Free Energy and Tickets.

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