How to Get Free Coins On Jackpot Party Casino 2020

In this article, we will answer one question that many players ask while playing the game, how to get free coins on jackpot party casino. Getting free coins here will always be easy if you follow the steps below. For many casino pundits, Jackpot Party Casino is the best game for you to enjoy the entertaining world of Las Vegas Casinos.

Jackpot Party Casino can easily be accessed through Android and iOS devices. It has over 700,000 positive ratings on Google Play and over 95,000 on the Apple Store. It is also available for Amazon devices and currently has over 8,000 positive ratings on Amazon. If you want to play it on your computer, you can do so by logging in using your Facebook account. With over 10 million users all over the world, you can never go wrong with this game. This game boasts hundreds of classic and modern video casino slots that you will typically see in Las Vegas! Easy peasy!

For you to start playing slot games on Jackpot Party Casino, you need coins. These coins are like the currency of the game. You will use them to bet on each slot game, and you’ll get more of them every time you win a game. If you want to continue playing non-stop for a long time, you will need a lot of these coins.

There are instances when players run out of coins and try to find ways to get more. If you are interested to learn how to get free coins on Jackpot Party Casino, you have come to the right place. Here on our blog, we educate our visitors about how many online games work and provide information on how to get rewards, like coins or gifts, without spending a dime.

Getting free coins on Jackpot Party Casino is as easy as logging in to the app. As soon as you install and login to the app, you will get 6 million coins that you may already use to play slots. If you want to accumulate more coins, keep logging in regularly to get daily rewards. Of course, the more you play and win, the more coins you’ll collect. The game also rewards players with coins and other free stuff every time their level goes up. One of the keys to getting millions of coins is by becoming a regular player of the game.

1. Get daily bonuses – Our Blog always rewards our regular players in different ways. To earn daily free coins on Jackpot Party Casino, you can spin the bonus wheel daily. There are so many coins and prizes to win in these daily spins. The daily bonus is divided into different types of rewards, Friend Bonus, Daily Bonus, and Return Bonus. The three gifts, when summed together, make up the total daily bonus.

The friends’ bonus is earned for the number of friends you refer to the site. The return bonus is awarded for the total number of times you log in for seven days. Besides, you will also receive a reward after every four hours. You only need to keep looking for these bonuses every four hours.

2. Follow Jackpot Party Casino Social Media Platform – The players have to stay need to stay connected on social media to see various quizzes, quests, and rewards we have. The Facebook platform is so far the best platform to collect bonuses to spin the casino slots. It is recommended that you set our Facebook newsfeed as “see first” to receive our rewards faster. To avoid scams, make sure you follow the verified pages.

3. Rank up on the Game – Ranking up the game is one of the easiest ways to get free coins on the Jackpot Party Casino. To level up, you need to stake high, gaining more experience points. For instance, to win 100 points, you need to stake $5 on 20 lines for the wheel spin. Ranking up will enable you to get extra coins, increase the bet per line, and get more chances to unlock bonus slots.

4. Share Gifts and Invites to your Friends – Another more straightforward way to gain more coins by sending and receiving gifts through Facebook. A red symbol will appear to show that you have received an award. To collect the bonuses and coins, click on the icon with that symbol. You can also invite your friends to log in and play the game.

5. Win Jackpots – While playing the casino slots, you might have seen some notifications indicating that you have earned a jackpot. There are three jackpots you can win; regular prize, mega jackpot, and super jackpots. To play a pot, you need to choose the amount you want to play. The amounts highlighted in green are the ones you can opt for the jackpot. The next thing to do is spin your bet to enter the pot and collect your winnings. Every day there are several jackpot winners announced.

The methods described above will be more beneficial to you as you play the Jackpot party casino game. However, if you don’t want to risk playing the game, you can log in daily to maximize your free coins and freebies.

Since Jackpot Party Casino is pretty famous, it has active online communities on Facebook and Twitter. On its website, there is also a comprehensive Support section that is available for everyone. There is also a News section where they post updates about the game’s new events, features, and promos.

Before you play Jackpot Party, be aware that real money could be involved. You may use real money to buy coins within the app. However, the game doesn’t offer real money gambling or prizes. All bets and bonuses can only be used within the game.