Gift Center

Blitzy is a very generous cat and encourages the spirit of giving between players as well.

So, whether your Bingo Buds choose to share, or when we at Bingo Blitz want to show how much we care, you can find it ALL in your Gift Center!

There are so many fun goodies your in-game friends can gift you, including  Credits, Power-Ups, Slot Spins, Collection Items and Ingredients.

Credits from friends can be collected once every few hours, depending on your Playtika Rewards Status.

This information can be accessed next to the Gift Center title once you open it:

We know that feeling when you need one last Item to complete a collection.

That’s why our amazing players have the option to request whatever they are missing from friends!

When it comes to Ingredients, the steps are a bit different.

Some Ingredients can be traded at all times and others are untradable.

Ingredients can be traded every few hours, as specified according to your Chef Status Find out more in the game here:

In addition to  Ingredients, you can also trade Collection Items. Similarly, there are Collection Items that can be gifted/requested and there are others that are not tradable.

Want more credits? Make sure to check out the Bingo Blitz Facebook Fan Page regularly and don’t forget the Messenger Challenge, where every day is a chance to win some extra rewards! Everything you collect from there will await you in your Gift Center.


If you’re an Elite player, you know all too well that you get even more!!

Check your Gift Center to find extra gifts of Power-Ups, Event items, and Collection Items galore.

You’r gifts await you in the Gift Center for a limited time, so be sure to collect them before they expire!

Blitzy is keeping his fingers crossed that you’ll put all of these Gift Center goodies to good use!